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Tyranny (noun)

1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.

2. oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.

3. undue severity or harshness.

4. a cruel or harsh act or proceeding; an arbitrary, oppressive, or tyrannical action.

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Every member of Congress, aside from Sen Johnson & Rep Massie, have refused to hold DOD to account for openly violating laws & rights against its own service members, illegally enforcing the mandate order w EUA shots. This is something that’s been thoroughly documented & proven, and we know Congress has been provided that evidence. Being complicit in the unlawful medical experimentation on troops, and their families, is unacceptable. If Congress had not been complicit cowards, this mandate would have never been able to continue.

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I was in the VA in West Plains MO for a teleconference. As I was leaving I went by an partially open door. Inside the room was a group session and vets were seated in a circle, and all of them were wearing masks. I told the nurse who was guiding me back to reception, "That's not therapy, that's indoctrination." She tried to say Ohh no it's a therapy session.

So I spoke loudly. "That's what North Korea did to our POWs."

And then so everyone in that part of the building would hear, I repeated:

It's not therapy. It's indoctrination.

It's not science either so don't lie.

I had to go back a week later for blood work and no one insisted on the mask. Maybe it's optional now, but I'll tell you this: Don't depend on Veterans to stand against this corrupt government.

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US Government are refusing to reinstate 8000 service personnel that were sacked for refusing DEADLY 'EXPERIMRENTAL' injections, made by unscrupulous companies that avoid LIABILITY for the damage and DEATHS caused by their injected POISON - ludicrously called "VACCINE"?

IMMUNITY from LIABILITY for Pfizer, et al, is absolute nonsense!

Bring back Common Sense and not only Covid be a thing of the past but Pfizer and other unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies will go bust with LIABILITY COMPENSATION.

Mick From Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer

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The DOD released an official press statement. “We’re super serious about saving the lives of every soldier. Seriously, we need them alive before we can send them to die for the bankers.”

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Well a bunch of nurses just won a huge settlement for being discharged//-

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On the bright side at least those discharged won’t be maimed or killed fighting another political war for our sorry political class. Funny thing is…I didn’t use to be this cynical.

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Put 8000 at top of command of our military

Put all who coerced PFIZER DOD DEATHVAX on trial for Nuremberg violations

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Do the fired even want to go back to that abusive relationship? Lots of nurses I know told their former employers to screw off and are now making bank as traveling nurses -- ironically filling the holes left by vax mandates.

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What a total farce and hollow victory.

Most service members have already been injected with that garbage, and since the mandates been rescinded the courts cannot chime in on the legality of said mandates perhaps setting a precedent for future “bright” ideas.

All of their piss-poor, unambiguously politicized decisions and illegal mandates will now never have to stand up to the scrutiny of our legal system. I don’t call that a win.

This just feels like one more example of stupid winning the day. Perhaps I’m naïve but I want some semblance of justice for the giant mess we all helped usher in these last three years; instead I get rescinded mandates AFTER everyone (excluding your humble narrator) has been jabbed multiple times with an experimental gene therapy that’s proving day after day is way, way, way worse than Covid.

Which we knew from the beginning, but the level of psyops has absolutely distorted reality, probably for good. It’s way easier to be freaked out by any sickness that comes along than to brush up on your biology and show some goddam courage.

Along with the rescinded mandates, I get the very same people that pushed the hardest for these useless-in-stopping-a-respiratory-virus, yet horrendously damaging to every other facet of life, measures are now claiming that they were just “recommendations.” We didn’t’t have to listen to them apparently. My blood pressure becomes dangerously elevated when I hear this excuse, but apparently I’m one of very few. Everyone else just wants to move on from the largest, most successful psychological terror campaign in modern history.

And that’s why rewarding the very same people who helped unleash this terror campaign on most of the world with the largest military budget ever, for the token of rescinding a mandate seems like a pretty schiza deal.

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And the Pentagon is as corrupt as we've all known...

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To reinstate would admit wrong. They will never admit wrong. They are killers we pay for, that have run amok. Nimrod revisited.

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Then the DoD needs to be punished.

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Why would "The Purged" Want to Return to the Pantygone USSA Military? A paycheck? No Thank You.

A trip to Ukraine? No Thank You. A chance to appreciate Wokeness? No Thank You. A reason to support the CiA-FIB-USSA? No Thank You.

Rome needs to Collapse, the Feral DC Coup Gov is Beyond Rehab and has become the Source of the Demise of the Republic. Good Riddance. The 2022 sElections proved beyond doubts of their maggot infested corpse.

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Thanks for your continued vigilance concerning this important topic.

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"The DOD...claims that the 'vaccine' was responsible for saving lives." What is their method of calculating that it saved lives, or even one life? How many civilians died in motorcycle or automobile crashes that had their deaths blamed on COVID? I'll wager that number exceeds the quantity of lives the DOD can substantiate were saved by these "vaccines". And I'll also wager they won't take up the challenge of substantiating their claim.

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