Perhaps worth saying too that, like masking, this is something that was especially evident first to people actually working in hospitals and the like. If anyone was being careful to mask it was them and yet, very early in the pandemic, we still saw a substantial number of hospital workers catching COVID-19, likely on the job... which affected our fervor for masking not all.

Similarly, since they were among the first people vaccinated, they were also among the first people to realize "oh, we're catching COVID anyway". Actually happened to a doctor friend of ours and his family pretty early on and someone told him "oh, so you were one of those rare breakthrough cases I hear about on the news?". They aren't especially uncommon, he said.

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CDC stopped reporting breakthrough cases in May for a reason. Downhill fall in slow motion, with media protection.

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I can hardly stop laughing at the pathetic psychopathy playing out while most people just move along with the latest updates like the "herd" they have been indoctrinated into believing they are. I mean, come on: Doesn't the phrase "herd immunity" make anyone here cringe? I know I'm not a cow, but interestingly enough, the word "vaccine" was originated in the mid-1800s by early medtech cartel puppets with regard to smallpox and cowpox: The word relates specifically to COWS, ffs. Every time someone gets happy about the word "vaccine" they are celebrating being treated like or treating other people as animals, not as living breathing spiritual men and women. Words are magical: We learn "spell-ing" as children, but who is teaching us what to speak into reality???πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΎπŸ€–β˜ οΈ

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Yes - breakthrough cases EVERYWHERE, yet many of the vaxxed I know still seem to think it's a pandemic of the unvaxxed. Makes me want to SCREAM. A family Thanksgiving is open to vaxxed, but unvaxxed are only invited if they'll test first. This after at least two of the vaxxed have gotten covid in the last few weeks (and none of the unvaxxed). And nope, not testing, not vaxxing, not going.

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The Immune System. Your Immune System:

From start to finish never a mention anywhere, anytime by anybody about the immune system.

But that's what it is all about.

That's what fights the illness, every illness.

That's what vaccines depend upon for their pretended 'efficacy' - it's not the vaccine 'does it' if it gets done, it's the immune system.

So all the discussion should be about how to improve the efficiency, the health, the strength, the abilities of your immune system.

But there's not a word. Even by well meaning commentators like this one.

The words all come from the government in terms of laws and edicts and every single measure the govts mandate is HARMFUL to the immune system. Every single one.

And they even ban the use of things that would help the immune system: like IVM and HCQ.

So get the narrative onto the immune system.

check the FLCCC protocols.

start strengthening your immune system and get the gear ready for early home treatment if you need it.

And check your local hospital for what treatment they propose to give you if you become a covid patient of theirs - because you know what? they probably won't give you the best treatment, they'll probably deny you anti-virals like IVM. True. they don't advertise that fact do they?

Get on the ball. It is about your immune system. So demand equal rights for it. Demand equal billing. Equal space. And a fair go - health and strength giving measures for it.

You do realise EVERY single measure govts have mandated are HARMFUL to your immune system?

And then they want to pump a vaccine into you that will prompt your immune system to swing into action and fix things?

And then if you survive they want to claim credit for it?

Do you realise how you're being conned?

Forget the people, forget the govt, forget the vaccine controversies, just get to the guts of the matter and demand a fair go for your immune system, the 'Army' of the body, of your body. Demand an equal go a fair go for your army.

That's all.

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It's pure madness. How do we relate to those around us who have a completely opposite view of the world?! https://etana.substack.com/p/misinformation-is-the-new-racism

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CDC reported breakthrough cases in September today.


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At some point questions about the COVID naive-vaccinated getting Covid and then later becoming reinfected will need to be asked.

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I know directly and indirectly of numerous people who have been infected after vaccination. The numbers have been really increasing in the past two months. They are falling all over each other to get boosters now (yes, I am in deep blue Branch Covidian territory).

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Cal Berkeley's football team was 99% vax'd and had 44 Covid cases 2 weeks ago.

There's roughly 100 players on a college fb team. So if one of the cases was the 1 guy who wasn't vax'd...that means roughly 43 of 99 vax'd players had breakthrough cases.

And those are 20 year old elite athletes.

Can there be any debate left?

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very well stated as usual; however I think the next to last word is "inalienable" not "unalienable"


Mr Pendant

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And what else does your sentence tell us? β€˜ Millions of Americans are testing positive for COVID-19 regardless of their compliance status.’ Jackpot! Colds we will always have with us! Testing for coronavirus/colds is always going to give us positive results (besides the false positives on top of it!). The gift that keeps on giving!!!

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