The problem with SUBSTACK for some of us fans & readers is that there are so many writers we would really love to have a paid subscription to that it very quickly becomes an economic burden especially in these terrible economic times. So if we are on a fixed income this becomes really difficult. The fact that we are not paid on some of the pages that kindly allow comments & interacting is not because we, or maybe I should just speak for myself, is not out of choice, it is out of necessity. I am grateful that you, Jordan, are one of those writers. When I am able I will become a paid subscriber.

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Blue check vs orange check is friendly fire. Hope this gets resolved soon so we can refocus on pushing back against the the GAE rainbow Color revolution that is stomping on the USA red white and blue https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-execute-a-color-revolution.

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I don't get to say "told ya so" very often, so I'm going to take the opportunity now 😆: https://thefreethinker.substack.com/p/will-twitter-now-be-a-haven-of-free

People somehow believed that their Musk-savior could short-circuit a censorious culture and restore freedom in a day, for a low, low price of 44 billion dollars. We are all learning that the real price of freedom is much, much higher (and much more difficult to obtain) than that.

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How many times must it be noted that a guy whose business model is EVs and space littering, plundering the earth's resources of rare minerals by trashing impoverished countries where concepts like "safe working conditions" are a laughable Western concept, and partnering with one of the most abusive regimes in the world might not be the savior of free speech?

Very smart guy he is, an innovative genius, but not all innovations are good and he seems to have the emotional stability and self-control of a 12-yr. old.

Yes, Twitter is useful. I found all of the Substacks I read by following the breadcrumb trail from there to here.

Now your (and all other Substackers for any audience) might best rely on word-of-mouth-and-email to increase your audience. Taking umbrage at the lies or mistruths or misrepresentations of a businessman is a waste of energy.

We've learned, haven't we, over the past few decades, that being dependent on any one or a handful of media and financial institutions etc. etc. is a very bad idea?

Enough kvetching and let's get much more clever and innovative ourselves.

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Watching closely to see how this plays out. Jury still out on Musk. A big step in the wrong direction though.

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Twitter is the modern equivalent of Chairman Mao's "Hundred Flowers Campaign" best to stay well away

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"I would never in a million years commit to a long form writing application on Twitter, knowing that its new leadership has a poor record on defending free, open speech on the internet."


This is the key. I'm sure you're like most other 'Stackers and regularly export your subscriber list -- just in case.

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I think one thing not being integrated in these discussions is the basic difference in revenue models. Substack makes money as a cut of subscription revenue (a small slice of the merchant discount Stripe applies). When a paid subscriber to a Substack leaves and goes to browse an embedded Twitter link, doesn't affect Substack revenue at all.

The converse is not the case for Twitter. When a Tweeter clicks and leaves to head over to a Substack, that affects Twitter ad revenue. The eyeballs are gone. Retweeting and Liking Substack links multiplies that revenue loss.

Twitter was tolerating that because there's cross-pollination, of course. Then Substack decides to create a direct competitor, Notes.

An email I just sent out and made a tweet thread of, about a Substack post by Eugyppius, "Why crippling Substack links on Twitter is dumb, counter-productive and bad for everyone:"

This is his my-2C best point:

"Substack links on Twitter are Twitter content; they are one of the reasons to browse Twitter every morning. Disconnecting Twitter from closely aligned platforms, which share many of the same journalists and readers, makes the site less interesting and much less useful.”

(But, caveat down below.)

Second, he makes good distinctions. Subs are primarily accessed directly by email…it’s direct while unless you set up a list or go directly to user profiles, you’re stuck with Twitter curation of feeds which is a balancing act for them since they’re advertising based.

…So, one takeaway is there’s a core “incompatibility” that makes the cross pollination work. Posting your Subs links to Twitter gets eyeballs to your articles, the tradeoff to Twitter being they lose those eyeballs for advertising revenue, which ads up. (People need to truly integrate that tradeoff from Twitter’s perspective and they aren’t, so far as I can tell). OTOH, because so many of a Twitter user’s following have Subs, going to Twitter is a good way to have them curated for you.

BUT, on that last point, it’s not a big deal so far as I can see, since Subs are primarily accessed via the email list. In my case, I MAY click to a Subs via a Tweet, and especially one I don’t subscribe to, but yours and the others I follow are 99% accessed via the emails.

So, I see marginal harm to those trying to build their Subs via Twitter, but no real harm for those Twitter users already subscribed to particular Subs, nor the Substers whose subscribers have Twitter account too…the emails aren’t going to be blocked.

Finally, it needs to be kept in mind that Substack started this by starting a Twitter clone, direct competition. Perhaps they should rethink that first, since they started it.

OK, so shots have been fired. In terms of Elon, he's playing hardball, as he should. He’s running several many-billion-dollar companies. I just laugh at all the “he’s being such a meanie!” bunched panties about it.

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Musk is buddies with the WEF technocrats. His grandfather was a known globalist who left Canada because of this.

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Trans is still a protected class on Twitter that you may not criticize.

Very little truly changed.

I’m glad the Twitter files were selectively released but I doubt the juiciest bits will ever see the light of day.

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PS: Here's something that might help. Canada is creating a freedom creators channel on Roku TV, joining all freedom groups across the globe on Rumble. I can't explain clearly well enough how this will work. Just have a look, https://rumble.com/v2bvus2-canadian-freedom-fighters-roku-app.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2

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Little ol me was blocked from Twitter must be a year ago now. Cannot reconnect as they want a cell number. I live in an area, up until now, that has no cell coverage. I've made no attempt to rejoin as I had already found Substack. You all here that I have discovered are the most brilliant people I have ever come across! Down with Twitter, Up with Substack!

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Twitter will lose. Twitter is 💩

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I love substack and would love it they had bundles so I could subscribe to multiple authors. I used to be on Twitter and deleted my account. It made me a very unhappy person to get dragged down rabbit holes. Substack helps me learn from a variety of authors. Maybe substack notes will be good replacement for sane Twitter users

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Twitter used to be important to me, I developed “lists” of accounts that I thought had worthwhile things to say on various topics … when I discovered Substacks (through Twitter), I was truly hooked. There’s just no comparison with reading someone’s work in bits and pieces. I am a now paid subscriber to a fair number of writers, and I am astounded by the quality I am finding, not only in the essays but also in the comments! Can’t say that about Twitter … 🤣 ! All I can say about Elon Musk is that … like all of us … he is neither heaven nor hell but a little bit of both.

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I like and very much appreciate substack and all the interaction here. I don't tweet and despite having recently opened an account (to read other tweets without restricion) am not a twit.

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