For the first time in my life (and I'm no spring poulet), I fear the nations of the West more than I do Russia. Just look at the leaders: Macron, Arden, Biden, Trudeau - all certifiable assholes.

The West is sick and mentally ill wallowing in a state of valueless delusions of grandeur long gone. There's no mRNA injection for that.

Here in Canada, they banned flags on Canada Day and continue to assault people engaging in legit protests. The Deputy PM is essentially a Nazi. environment minister an eco-terrorist with a record, a transport minister with Islamist extremist sympathies, a Chief Justice who showed his bias, a Foreign Minister who was a failed Mayoral candidate who has NO BUSINESS being in that position, while the leader of the NDP is banned from India for his associations with a terrorist group over there. There's more rot where this comes from.

And I have to fear Putin? Yeah. Cool story, Mutumbo.

Our institutions are a joke run by ignoramuses and unserious people.

But hey. It's all misinformation and in my head according to propagandists and hacks.

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The liberal world order means fighting to the last Ukranian and middle class American.

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Rules based order == They can do what they want and you can do what you are told.

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I am just so happy there are uber-rich elitists willing to make life choices for me since I am so incapable of deciding anything for myself. Plus I’m not worthy of making decisions because I’m an old white guy.

Just like them.

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Totally hilarious that any Western politician would refer to sovereignty and International Law, when the US has overthrown the governments of over 80 countries since WW2.

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No, just no. The next person that I hear utter 'rules-based order' is getting a shoe thrown at them. I'll be wearing steel-toe boots from now on.

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Great Reset: Build Back Worse (Brandon’s Style)


 January 6th 2021 – Welcome!

 Afghanistan, August 2021 – Disaster!

 Quackcine Edicts 2021 – Miserable Failure!

 Stagflation – >> 8% - The worst yet to come!

 UkroNaziStan 2022 – Make Russia Great Again!

 Recession? – Inevitable!!!

 Organized US Invasion from the South? – Looks Like it!

 Infanticide (CDC/FDA/NIH/DIC) – In the Making!

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"Rules for thee, not for me." These jibbering assclowns know only hypocrisy and selfish self-interest. Their moral compasses reside expressly in their crotches, wallets, and stomachs, and they are anathema to free people all over the world.

Particularly odious to me is their strenuous efforts to control information flow, with a docile and complicit corporate media establishment, and to continuously evolve language so it has no meaning beyond that with which they imbue it at a given moment in time. They are a disgusting, contemptible lot, and it is good people the world around are waking up to their odiousness and perfidy.

Thank you, Jordan, for your constant vigilance against their tyrannical overreach and offering a thoughtful and concise summation of their endless grotesqueries. I appreciate it and I know that subscribing to your newsletter do as well.

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See also “the liberal world order”.

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Why this phrase? Is it the emotional appeal of 'order' in an increasingly disordered and collapsing economic and political system? By association 'rules-based' building acceptance of being ruled and having others be ruled to obtain some welcome stable and predictable order?

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Rules.... like:

Men can use women's locker rooms if they want... aka tolerance.

No speech should offend anyone... aka freedom of speech

You cannot invade where we supported a coup d'état... aka spreading democracy

If your product costs too much to produce you should take a loss...aka fairness

You can vote at 18 [should be <16] but you can't even see a gun until 25, only if the rules say so... aka We know our base.

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Wouldn’t you like to know who thinks this 💩up? Gravitas, Gravitas, Gravitas, Gravitas was all the rage in 2000.

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They are definitely on the move aren't they. Even the terminology stuff. Well at least we have seen this before. I hope others begin to see this for what it is.

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Jordan, curious why you went after Alex Berenson so hard last week? I know he wasn’t super transparent and will still have liberal/progressive leanings to a lot of his reporting, but he has been so good on Covid the last 2.5 years. Definitely appreciate your reporting though. Any additional insight would be great. Thank you.

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The vast majority of the world is at far greater risk from the bioweapon injections than from Putin.

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You’re on to something here Jordan

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