And if the virus doesn't cooperate he'll ask the testing facilities, behind the scenes of course, to reduce the PCR cycle amplification rate down to 30 or so and...voila! Cases disappear. The death rate is already crashing but nobody talks about it.

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The media (and whatever the then current administration is) will simply change the criteria for a confirmed "case" (probably by lowering the PCR cycles) and voila, "pandemic" is cured. Roll credits for shutdowns, masks and social distancing and throw in a heroic healthcare worker dance party as Eddie Murphy (as the Donkey) sings I Love Big Butts... Might as well end the farce with a farce....

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"Covid" has nothing to do with seasonality- it has all to do with PCR cycles.

If the PCR fraud were reported honestly the public would see the Covid con for what it is.

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This is where I may get shown the door. Not relegated to the kid's table, admonished, and told not to talk unless I am spoken to first. No. Shown the door, which will be locked behind me, my name removed from the social gathering lists for all time.

COVID-19 is a valid health concern. Just like pneumonia and AIDS and high blood pressure and an almost infinite number of things that can cut a swath through humanity because, well, humanity is not what we think it to be: strong and immortal – that would be something like the cockroach. But. . . COVID-19 is NOT what self-serving politicians with partisan political agendas and the “news media” keep claiming it is, and how it is necessary we destroy businesses and ruin lives and inflict government mandates that deny individual freedom and rights.

Quietly watching, taking notes, I have observed that when COVID-19 first appeared about a year ago it was, yes, in Communist China, in wet markets – places not known for healthy and hygienic practices. I watched as it appeared over here and then over there. I observed as the “news media” parroted press releases from so-called credible authorities and repeated narratives from politicians are anything but trustworthy, and I asked – perhaps foolishly – what is the definition of COVID-19?

The response was one of awkwardness, rather akin to the response of a congregation in a church when a sleeping elderly man passes gas in a moment of collective reflection; and the verbal response was: Whaaaaaaa?

When I pressed the matter, asking for specific characteristics of COVID-19, I was rebuked, and informed that it was too early to know.

To which I – perhaps, again, foolishly – asked: COVID is a member of the family of viruses called Coronaviruses (CoV), so does that mean COVID-19 has the characteristics of those viruses, and, if so, should the response be the response to MERS-CoV and SAR-CoV, which did NOT involve global panic as response?

I was informed by authority figures and representatives of the “news media” that I did not know what I was talking about, and I should sit down and shut up.

A year later the global response continues: businesses destroyed, people unemployed, lives disrupted and ruined, and what is the status of battling this boogey-man? A vaccine that may or may not work because of a growing number of caveats. If, for example, you are allergic to peanuts, don’t take the vaccine. Side effects include “temporary” facial paralysis and anaphylactic shock. (The personal injury lawyers are lining to file class action lawsuits.) I am not an anti-vaxxer, but. . . brain damage? No, thank you.

And the toll: people screaming at other people for wearing a mask, not wearing a mask. Does the mask do any good; concerns over wearing masks because you are inhaling what you just exhaled, along with whatever has taken up residence on the inside of your mask. Social distance! SOCIAL DISTANCE!

From my perspective, COVID-19 is not about a disease that can kill humans, who are among the weakest of species on the planet, because the “news media” and the politicians are playing their usual wordsmithing game. When individuals like me challenged deaths attributed to COVID-19 they altered what they said to: COVID-19 related deaths. (Still working on how a guy shot at close range is COVID-19 related, or how a guy falling off the roof of his house and dying of internal injuries is COVID-19 related – I know: Sit down, and shut up. The kid's table. Now.)

From my position and a position many share COVID-19 is about sowing distrust and about government control and the elimination of individual rights and freedoms and a one-world order.

So. COVID-19 is a valid health concern. There is no denying that. But what is being denied is what the truth of the matter is.

I am gob smacked at how the “news media” refuses to research and report on COVID-19. The origins, the characteristics, what it is actually about. Can you get it again and again?

A lot has come out of this year, 2020. I have learned a lot and expect to learn a lot more, and it is not an unrealistic expectation that the “news media” and politicians try to be honest and truthful, moral and ethical. I have learned that is unlikely to happen any time soon.


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When you recognize we're dealing with a casedemic rather than a pandemic, Biden's path to victory against the ro becomes clear. If 80% of people currently going in for unnecessary and bogus tests are liberals who are going to be the first to line up for the vaccine, the bulk of chronic testers will assume they don't have to get tested anymore. "Cases" plummet and it's over, though Dem or RINO governors will try to keep up the mask hoax until next Christmas at the earliest.

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Currently of 330,000,000 Americans ~15,000,000 have tested positive for COVID-19. That is almost one in every 200 individuals. Of those with Covid-19 > 0.05% have died, or 1 in every 2000 with the disease, which equals a risk factor to the average person of 1 in every 400,000 (1 in 2000 x 200 = 400,000) of unknown incubation of the disease resulting in death. If you wear a mask religiously, then your chances of catching the virus is ~17% less and you have then a 1 in 468,000 risk of catching and dying from Covid-19.

Some examples of known lifetime risk of death odds of Americans:

Heart Disease — 1 in 6

Cancer — 1 in 7

Motor Vehicle Crash — 1 in 106

Choking On Food — 1 in 2,618

Lightening — 1 in 180,746

The average American’s risk of dying from COVID-19 is more than twice as unlikely as dying from a lightening strike. Math is a harsh mistress.

Life is full of risks.

Do not forget that even with the advent of the Chi-Com Flu the overall death rate of Americans calculated for all causes has not changed!

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Democrats are such EVIL Liars, Grifters and Thieves - Not cause I say so but because their words and actions prove it daily

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Not the President. Period.

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kennedy stole his election too. maybe Joe's fate will be the same

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Jordan, I don't know if you read the comments, but I think that looking into whether or not the Biden team has additional plans to address the cycle threshold (CT) for the PCR following or during his 100 day plan. I think it's quite simple, decrease the CT and you essentially win the "case" battle.

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