Desperately sad. But to a Brit, looking across the Atlantic, to an America that used to so inspire us, I'm left wondering how the Republican Party can be so disorganised that they can't push the evil, China-backed Democrats into the sea, once and for all. The Dems should have been wiped out after one or two years max.

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The United States of America in 2024 resembles China during the Qing Dynasty in many ways (rapid social implosion, mass proliferation of drugs, etc.) The entire social edifice is Buckling completely: Fentanyl & Related Substances (if history is a guide) will keep Mass proliferating & more social angst, gang warfare, etc. will result... ultimately making the Continental USA completely indefensible.

No Empire lasts forever, & it appears that the USA is fast reaching the point of No Return.

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I know too much about this topic, sadly. Between my two sons, they know of over 20 friends from school days that have died from overdoses or suicide. When I started InsideOUT Writers, teaching creative writing in Los Angeles juvenile halls to High Risk Offenders, those facing life sentences for seriousness crimes, I learned more than anyone would ever want to know. But it's important that parents face the truth of the demons waiting for their children once they open the door and walk out into the streets--and now even more insidious, what tempts them in secret, in their bedrooms on the internet. I've written a lot about it but this is one mother's story and the underbelly of the San Fernando Valley, a model for every American neighborhood. THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND. https://open.substack.com/pub/khmezek/p/the-devils-playground

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There are no easy answers to the societal, legal, and geopolitical hurdles that John encountered.


Oh "yes" there is Jordan, it only takes a President of the United States to have the balls to say no more !

China and the Cartels can be brought to heel it just takes a focused, hard nosed leader.

My older brother is a victim of drugs and rotting away in a wheel chair. I have zero interest in do gooder bull shit, it has to change no matter what it takes.

Sad to hear about your friend.

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I am screaming from the roof tops that adhd meds are the gateway drug and set our young males up for this crisis. It’s all by design! I know so many nice families who give their kids Adhd meds so they can advance in school. Just so they can go from B or C studies to A students but at what cost. The doctors should be ashamed of themselves and parents listen to the docs say it’s fine.

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This is why smuggling such substances across borders should carry the punishment of mandatory execution.

Then and there, at the border crossing.

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The senile usurperm in the WH is a beneficiary of Chinese bribes. Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, Swalwell, and a great many others are closely linked with the CCP, as is the leadership of Canada. A great many of those making decisions in our nation. Trump was throttling back on Chinese predation and he got a bioweapon release from Wuhan in conjunction with many here in the US. They stole the election and killed many Americans with their poison treatment. Our military is a hollowed shell of vax injured and demoralized persons ruled over by sexual deviants. Our reputation on the world stage is ignominious and we betray our allies as in Afghanistan. Now do you see the connections? China, that hellscape of human hatred, rules the world and has no more rivals.

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End the war on drugs. Make drugs available to adults via legal channels, where users know what they are getting. This will make the drugs safer.

For minors, that is a harder problem to solve, when parents agree to hook their kids on drugs from a young age. Our medical system needs to treat ADHD more holistically, starting with diet and lifestyle analysis, but that is something that it refuses to do.

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The Chinese are paying the white man back for hooking them on Opium in the early 1800's. The Chinese do not forget.

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Same problem in Canada. American and Canadian officials have a lot to explain and account for.

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I'm sorry about your friend, but the DEA's war on legal pain medication in the US is literally killing people--not like the faux genocide of autogyenphiliac men and melodramatic teens, but literally killing chronic pain patients. We now have acute hospital discharges--after c-sections, broken bones, and even amputatinos--without a prescription for opioids. Just meditate! Chronically ill patients well managed on a regimen of opioids as well as all of the other techniques that anyone w/ a long-term disability or illness also uses have been abruptly cut off. Every other day on Twitter we see these people say good-bye. We now have Stage 4 cancer patients ON HOSPICE having their palliative meds reduced because of fear of "addiction."

I remember my late grandfather in the late 1970s dying in agony until my Mom got on the phone and got the doctor to well-medicate him--the reason for undertreatment was "fear of addiction." I thought we were passed those shameful days.

There is NO EVIDENCE that legal prescriptions were the source of the "opioid crisis." The CDC has even acknowledged this. There might have been some "pill mills" but they were by far a small minority and in fact many legit patients saw them to finally get relief.

Why is it that on every city street an adult can purchase enough alcohol in 20 minutes to kill themselves and every other family member--and can go home and off themselves in another hour. Alcohol kills hundreds of thousands annually. But this isn't regulated at all except to let us know how strong it is or to keep it from 20 year olds and younger.

And pot, which is far more dangerous in some respects, is not legalized and offered in un-labeled gummy candies in several states in the US.

Has everyone forgotten the lessons of Prohibition 1.0? Do you know how many pain pts who are dying from illegally getting street drugs (or their family members getting them if they have unmanaged bone cancer) just because they've now been cut off by the DEA?

Do you know that thousands of pain patients are being pushed to take Suboxone, which is making LOTS of money right now, and yet is far more addictive than opioids and has worse side effects (like rotting jaw bones)?

Please see Pain News Network, Doctor Patient Forum, and look up Harvard and palliative care undertreatment. Naturally, their research is underscoring what we already know--that women, and Black women most of all, have a history of having their symptoms attributed to mental problems (8 more times than men, according to a 2022 study), and Black patients are the ones most undertreated in Hospice wards now.

I know you mean well, but I encourage you to check out some 12 step literature and groups. Interestingly, the 12 step model evolved AFTER Prohibition ended--and they were explicit that they weren't interested in controlling other people's use of alcohol. Even more importantly--and the origin of Al-Anon--they saw fixating on controlling others' use of drugs, beyond ensuring proper parenting or that they weren't about to kill someone, as a pathology unto itself.

Here we are, 100 years later, with a cultural fixation on Prohibition--leading to a profound pain undertreatment crisis. Until it happens to you, it's easy to judge others--but you wait until you've got a screaming burning pinched nerve and med staff keep shaking their heads at you, asking you about your history of stress and possible trauma, and suggesting you "relax" and do CBT when you're ready to jump off a bridge? This has happened to friends of mine.

This insanity has to stop.

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The first tragedy was society and parents trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. One of the reasons for drug abuse that is not discussed but is at the core of the problem is authorities, including parents, who feel kids need pharma products because they are different. Society demands conformity to a set of unwritten rules to create an adult who will submit to the demands of a corporatized nation. This process begins the journey down the road of substances to cope with the pressures at home, school, and life.

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can U imagine if instead of China funding this massacre, it was Russia instead? how the press would be howling against Putin to stop this catastrophe? but no, they roll out the red carpet for the CCP.

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One of Biden family and DNC cabal many crimes.

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Russia = Enemy, China = Enemy, Iran = Enemy, North Korea = Enemy, ISIS / Syria = Enemy, Saddam / Iraq = Enemy, Guyana, Venezuela, Noriega / Iran-Contra, Cuba, North Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos. I’m probably missing a dozen or more.

It’s almost like we’re manufacturing enemies to create a demand for weapons and a far flung network of military outposts with which to bully nations through threats or actual force. But that sounds like something a despicably evil cuntry would do. A cuntry like that would pose a real a present danger to the world.

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So very sad.

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