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The institutional Republican leadership is lazy, rudderless, and lacking a coherent strategy. Absent a wholesale change of the statist status quo brigade, they will quietly and compliantly flush our prospects down the toilet. I marveled this entire election cycle at the lackluster performance of the RNC. State party leaders need to initiate a tsunami that results in sea change for the party.

I agree that if anything will save this country, it is Federalism. The Federal government and the military-industrial complex have, as Eisenhower wanted, achieved a center of gravity that must be dismantled before we have any hope of reclaiming sovereignty at that level of government. So, political leadership must strive to return the power to the states, and hobble the Federal government as much as possible.

Great article and perspective, Jordan, and I thank you for both!

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Justin Hart had a nice analysis this morning where he pointed out that the Blue states that held onto their power did so by extending the COVID voting rules of mail-in balloting, which favors the Dems big time. The red states like Florida made sure that those adaptations were removed, and we see the results.

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I think you’re reading it incorrectly. Your article is based on the supposition that the elections were honest. I don’t think they were.

Here’s an example on the ground: Here in NY, Hochul is disliked. People are fed up with rising crime. They don’t want her quarantine camps or child covid vaccine mandates. So many lifelong democrat voters were proclaiming that they were going to vote Zeldin! What happened?

It doesn’t make sense. We know that people showed up to the polls in huge numbers. It wasn’t because they were excited to vote for Hochul! It’s because they recognized the grave threats she poses and wanted to get her OUT. People were NOT so silly as to elect her.

I think it’s a logical assumption that the public overwhelmingly chose Zeldin, but the Dems cheated with the ballots/machines.

Here is an article about it, and plenty of evidence of how they run the election fraud:






This is an example of ballot harvesting, from a past election: https://kanekoa.substack.com/p/texas-democrats-paid-homeless-man

Kanekoa has lots of very well documented articles about the Dominion voting machines. Here are some:






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Great post! The red states get redder and the blue states get bluer. Maybe another two years of Biden's America will wake them up, but it's doubtful at this point.

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I'm glad you wrote this, because now I don't have to. I agree 100% with everything you've said here, including the argument that DeSantis should stay in Florida rather than aiming for the White House, where he would undoubtedly be drowned by the swamp.

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A significant fraction of educated America refuses to accept the accurate picture you've painted here: That both parties are functionally in the thrall and service of DHS and the other security-state agencies, and that Americans have in fact willingly ceded a huge chunk of their personal freedoms.

The ones who were sucked along into all the right covid and Ukraine and BLM narratives have enjoyed the dubious luxury of assuming that it's only "antivaxxers" and "Putinists" who have to worry about YouTube and other censorship, and that if you just shut up about certain people in power, your payment processor won't decide to "fine" you, i.e., flat-out swipe your money.

There is little more frustrating than having a peer group consisting of mostly traditional Democrats who listen to explanations of these things, nod as if listening seriously, and then head right back to social-media sites to recite narratives from MSNBC et al. They refuse to accept that fact-checking outfits can be created or bought with laughable ease.

Imagine a U.S. in which merely 50 percent of the lemmings suddenly became aggressively skeptical in an instant, including the MSM. This shit would come to a head one way or another overnight.

Learning how pliable most people are -- and how susceptible I am myself -- has been more of a crushing disappointment in the past five or so years than the government doing ruthlessly authoritarian things while smiling at the public. I've been cynical about government for a while, but I wrongly believed in the ability of most people to detect bullshit even if it comes from a trusted source. The fact that this has proven laughably untrue is the really depressing part.

Anyway, excellent summary. Anyone who expects this class of Repubs to even pretend to right any budgetary or policy ships is also dreaming.

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If you need a laugh, I will be posting a video meme tomorrow featuring Biden as Hitler in downfall.

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sadly, I can't agree more...US citizens are not a freedom loving people and seek the comfort of the status quo while the 'american dream' is drawn & quartered as inflation rips away any remaining vestige of class mobility.

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I'd give anything to get out of Chicago.

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Man, this is depressing...

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Ideally most of the power should be at the local level anyhow. The least at the federal.

It's easier to hold your police chief, sheriff/mayor, school board members accountable than the folks out in Washington. Remember, what we didn't do during the American Revolution?

We did NOT send a fleet of colonists over to merry old England to march on London, overthrow King George and set our King George (Washington) on the throne instead.

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DeSantis is a "freedom fighter" who signed a bill that allows for forced vaccination. It's almost as if it's all a theatrical act of democracy.

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The “red wave” didn’t happen on the national level for one simple reason- the Republicans had no plan and no vision. Where the red wave DID happen was in FL and that’s because their governor stood for something and has vision. Where there is no vision, the people perish is not just an expression, it’s the truth. Republicans have been silent about everything the regime has done with the exception of a handful of people- Kari Lake, DeSantis , Ron Johnson, Jim Jordan and in those states, they enjoyed a red puddle. Until the rinos are kicked out, and until Republicans grow a pair, all we have is controlled opposition , no leadership , no platform, no vision. Meanwhile , the people literally and figuratively, perish.

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I am disappointed in the results, as many are, and your encouragement for local control helps, but only just a little, for folks like me stuck in purple states. I blame Trump. Anyone not paying close attention felt checking a RED mark yesterday meant voting for one of the worst, most toxic politicians in history. There, I've said it. Now I feel even better.

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In addition to treating elections as an opportunity to lob wrenches into the system, I think the heterodox community needs to place further emphasis of living decoupled from the DC beast; both as open resistance to the fed within free states and as parallel polis within occupied states.

No matter what, the power of the ruling class relies upon the near-unanimous compliance of the masses. Change and revolution has always been a matter of an indefatigable minority. Simple non-compliance more than anything else insidiously erodes the hidden foundations of power. Jordan, Yuri, Chris, et al. - I ask you guys to look beyond working within "the system" and promote more content supporting working outside "the system".

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Global money and influence, big tech, and main stream media made the message. The messages which were foisted on the public were false, and fabricated lies(starting with JAn 6) regarding the danger from the right. Clarity and honesty much more frequently came from MAGA candidates. Add to that, the 'set up' of voting habits brought about by covid hysteria(lies). That is, cheating.

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