This says it all:

“September 11 was a total failure of our immigration and visa processes, which allowed some of these jihadists to operate within our nation, and train for the attacks extensively within our borders, for *well over a year* before they conducted the operation. September 11 was a domestic security failure, not a foreign policy misstep.”

Now GW BUSH, who is a homegrown terrorist in his own right, is stupid enough to come out and declare the US needs to accept large numbers of Afghan refugees. Only if we send them to Crawford Texas!

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Aug 18, 2021Liked by Jordan Schachtel

I was living in Germany during the Merkel-enabled immigration wave, and there were pieces in the mainstream press (as PC as it is and was) about the Afghan migrants and how they seemed to be particularly bad actors, responsible for far more than their proportionate share of the rapey behavior. So it's great to know we'll be bringing so many of them back to American shores.

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This article is callous and disappointing. Even though what you're saying has the ring of truth.

But it ignores the current situation. I keep seeing articles and discussion about "well we shouldn't have been in there in the first place". Fine, argument taken, but who the hell is holding these politicians accountable for a humanitarian disaster? Biden and his team seriously fucked up. People will die because of our Commander in Dementia and his merry band of yes-people.

Iraq, as a war, was far worse than Afghanistan. I mean - there really was NO reason to go in there at all. But at least we handled the exit better.

In this article, you basically told all those gold star mothers to fuck off. No, you can do better than this. Put some more heart and empathy into recognizing the many dynamics of the situation.

And you know what? As a human being on this planet, I do give a fuck about these people now that we went in. There are things done to people over there that you don't even want to know in your darkest imaginings. We had it under control... for a while. Oh well.

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It is easy to be generous with her people's money. Especially when there is no accountability for wasting it.

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don't support this argument overall. specifically - yeah all those poor savages, individually, are of little consequence or impact on USA - but for the opium, pakistan, future meddling from chi-coms & others, then of course how many will USA & Canada accept as refugees & what is the fall out from that? then there's a generation of people born under USA occupation, now thrust back to the dark ages - what about them & what they may develop into? what about the impact on American foreign power? why would anyone country on the face of the earth believe in America now? these leftist idiots portrayed DJT as the person destroying America's reputation, & a fraudulent election imposing a dementia patient was their cure... there's a great many what abouts? too many for me to say Americans don't need to worry about Afghanistan. as a Canadian - I'm really worried for America & Canada too

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Yes we have no need to worry about Afghanistan over there but for those of us living in "mystery Babylon" in the midst of a very wicked harlot:


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